Kingston Heirloom Quilters

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41 Church Street, Kingston, Ontario, K7M 1H2



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The Kingston Heirloom Quilters meet twice a month, usually the first Tuesday and third Thursday of the month. Check our website for actual dates. We have acquired a reputation for fine workmanship. Our quilt making skills have developed through working together on more than thirty group quilts that the members have produced during the past four decades. Each and every one has provided us with valuable learning experience. All are unique, and most of them simply evolved as we worked on them, one stage at a time. We invite quilters of all skill levels to join us in this fun.


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Quilts Kingston 2023

Friday, June 2, 2023 10 AM - Sunday 4, 4 PM
Royal Kingston Curling Club
130 Days Road,, Kingston, Ontario, K7M 9G4
Show and Sale put on by the Kingston Heirloom Quilters in cooperation with the Limestone Quilters Guild about every 3 years. The show will ...