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Sewing is an activity that has existed for as long as there has been a need to join two pieces of something together to make some sort of covering. Adam and Eve started things off using leaves. Whatever humans are wearing, even today, it is likely that some form of sewing has been involved in its creation.

The word “sew” means to join or fasten something together firmly. As you can appreciate, Neanderthals struggling to keep their warm furs tight around them would appreciate the creativity of the seamstress in their cave who figured out how to use animal sinews to hold the bulky furs firmly in place without letting in the cold winter air.

In most sewn items, a sharp, pointed object, a needle, for instance, is used to make a hole in each of the pieces to be joined together. A joining fiber or thread is then passed through the holes on each of the pieces and pulled tight. Repeat this process a few thousand times, or so and there you have it, a sturdy garment or bag, ready to wear or otherwise use.

Early sewers likely used thorns and sharpened bones to make the holes that they needed in the skins they were joining together. Animal sinew or long, tough plant fibers were used to join skins or large leaves. Examples of such craftsmanship have survived down to this day and are on display in museums around the world. The clothing worn by the Huldremose woman is over 2,000 years old and is on display in a Danish museum. Her clothing was well preserved and is an excellent example of the care that was taken when sewing garments by hand.

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