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3 Ways to Make A Successful Business Out of a Special Hobby


You’ve heard it a thousand times— You are so creative! You should have your own business making these!— but this time something feels different. You say to yourself, “Maybe they are right…”... Read full article

Quilt Care Tips: How to Help Your Quilts Live to 100

by Barb Gorges on

A quilt in an environmentally-controlled vault might last forever, but nobody will get to enjoy it. I think the biggest compliment a quilter can receive is that someone enjoyed a quilt she or he made so much it was loved to pieces.... Read full article

Machine Quilting Or Hand Quilting: Which Is Better?


Quilting is more popular than ever before in America; there are around 21 million quilters in the US. If you want to try quilting but you’re not sure if you should hand sew or use a machine, there are a few things for you to consider.... Read full article

Quilters Terminology


Does quilting terminology elude you? If you want to speak the quilter’s language and hone your quilting fundamentals, check out the terminology below. Whether you are attending your first quilt guild meeting or trying to understand quilt patterns, th... Read full article

Choosing the Right Batting for Your Project


Quilt batting is used in sewing and quilting projects to serve as a layer of insulation between fabrics. It is the filling of a quilt that makes them warm and heavy. There are several types of batting to choose from.... Read full article

The Quilting Industry Shows Positive Growth


The 2017 Quilting in America™ Survey results are in. Although there was a slight dip from the 2014 totals, the survey shows a positive future for the quilting industry…a $3.7 Billion industry!... Read full article

50 Reasons to Buy Fabric


Not that any of us actually need a reason to buy fabric, but just in case you do, check out my top 50 reasons. ... Read full article

Quilters Acronyms


Quilters have a language all their own and everything seems to have an acronym; from the occasional FART to the everyday WHIMM. Below is a partial list of Quilters Acronyms that will tickle your funny bone!... Read full article

History of Scissors


Although we will never know who the actual inventor of scissors was, it’s interesting to see the evolution of the scissor.... Read full article