Quilt Photography Tips

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December 07, 2016 By Dayna Evert

I don't profess to be a professional photographer by any means, but I have taken many photographs of quilts either for my personal portfolio or for my only Etsy shop. You may choose to hire a professional photographer who has all the special equipment to take an award-winning photograph, but quite frankly, I would rather spend the money on fabric!

If you decide to take your own quilt photos, here are some tips to improve the quality of your photographs:

Blue Log Cabin Quilt by Dayna EvertBe aware of your background - I like to capture nature and use the natural light of the sun when photographing quilts. I didn't realize it when I took the photo, but you can see the bottom of the window as well as the deck in this picture. If I had taken this at a different angle, neither would not have shown. Using a fabric backdrop or even your display wall would work well.

Yellow Star Scrap Quilt by Dayna EvertCloseup shots - Sometimes a closeup shot is required. Make sure the photograph is in focus. Most cameras include a close-up mode, but you may need to get your user manual out to figure out how to use this feature. If your photographs are blurry, try using a tripod or setting your camera on a steady surface.

True colors - Quite often your colors are washed out in photographs, primarily due to the lighting you use. Using natural light "only" will improve this. Don't mix natural light with artificial light. If you are unable to use natural light, try using daylight bulbs. If you are taking photographs outside, avoid taking them at noon or on a sunny day as this provides too much light. Cloudy days diffuse the light and are a better choice.

Scrap Art Quilt by Dayna EvertDistortion - Position yourself directly in front of the center of the quilt. This will avoid the shape distortion that often comes from shooting at an angle...unless that is the effect you want. I chose to photograph this art quilt at an angle to capture the essence of the design.

-Dayna Evert

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Dayna Evert

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Good tips on how to photograph quilts

These are good basic tips. Your lighting setting will make a huge difference on how well the colors in the photograph match the original physical quilt. Coming from a pro Photographer.

March 2018

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