How Quilters Resources Came To Be

I created the original website in November 2012 out of frustration sifting through the myriad of web sites that promised to have information on shops, guilds, shows, etc., only to find the information useless and outdated. The intent of the site was promote small businesses, and to introduce quilters to new places to buy fabric.

My vision was to make Quilters Resources the best quilting resource on the web! After four years and over 300 pages, we have outgrown our orignal software and design. The new website offers a fresh look with lots of search functionality. There are also new features, such as classified ads, article submissions, and even an area where you can ask and answer questions (coming soon). Take a look around and let me know what you think.

About Me...I've been quilting for over 20 years. Linda's Country Quilt Shop (Davison, Michigan) was my second home when I started my quilting journey. My daughter loved to spend time at Linda's with me and play with fabric scraps while Linda helped me through whatever quilting crisis I was having. Evening Star Quilters Guild (Davison, Michigan) was my refuge during some very dark times. The women there not only helped me grow in my craft, but offered personal support and lifted my heavy heart. Also, with the help of guild members, I was able to coordinate numerous Girl Scout events where hundreds of girls (and even their mothers, brothers and other family members) were taught the art of quilting. While I do not quilt much anymore, it is my passion to pass on this wonderful art form...and I am doing so through this website.

Happy Quilting! ~ DaynaQuilters Resources Lady