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What to Buy the Artistic Types on Your Holiday List

What to Buy the Artistic Types on Your Holiday List

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Creative people are the best friends to have: they’re fun to be around, they come up with the best ideas, and they can always be counted on for a good laugh. But you might be stumped about what to buy them this holiday season. We have a few ideas.

3 Ways to Make A Successful Business Out of a Special Hobby

3 Ways to Make A Successful Business Out of a Special Hobby

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You’ve heard it a thousand times— You are so creative! You should have your own business making these!— but this time something feels different. You say to yourself, “Maybe they are right…”

Quilt Care Tips: How to Help Your Quilts Live to 100

Quilt Care Tips: How to Help Your Quilts Live to 100

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A quilt in an environmentally-controlled vault might last forever, but nobody will get to enjoy it. I think the biggest compliment a quilter can receive is that someone enjoyed a quilt she or he made so much it was loved to pieces.



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We are excited for what our 5th year will bring us. We will be working hard to get content uploaded to the site in the form of articles and such, and getting the classified ads section loaded with lots of items. We will also be getting out into the community more and will be bringing on new talent. Sign up for our newsletters for announcements.

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